Annabel Lea - OT for Adult Social Care services

Hi all, this is my second blog, and the second topic I chose to look at was Video Calling and Conferencing. I have to be honest, I nearly didn’t read this one as thought I don’t really use video calling or conferencing in my work life. However, I thought I’d give it a quick scan out of interest.

The information on this part of the site was brief and very “to the point”, which is my style! I would definitely signpost my colleagues / external parties to it, as the guidance is very clear. I found it really interesting that both WhatsApp and Google Duo are classed as a “secure” means of communicating within the Council and NHS and between the Council / NHS and external parties. I think that WhatsApp could be really useful if someone wanted to send me a picture / video but for some reason could not send it via email (file maybe too large?). I also think that Google Duo could be great for care companies to use to show me moving and handling problems in real time. It could also be useful for relatives to use to show me a person’s home, to save me having to complete a home visit unless totally necessary. Rachel, could your organisation do this with the tablets they will supposedly be providing you with? The only issue I see with video calling and conferencing is who would pay for the data use and is there a good internet connection? It definitely made me think outside the box and I will definitely consider suggesting this to colleagues / relatives / care agencies if certain situations arise. 

It also made me think that we as organisations are not using digital as effectively as we could be, does everyone need to see you in person, does every home need to be visited before we can recommend equipment / adaptations? We need to incorporate digital more into our everyday working lives to make our work more efficient, in these times of cost-savings! Again I hope that’s of interest to you guys, see you this afternoon at the Digital Café!