Annabel Lea - OT for Adult Social Care services

Hi all, this is my first blog and I chose to look at the topic Digital Literacy – Skills Booster. I was hoping that I could signpost customers to this site as a basic resource to support them to use digital resources to assist them with online shopping, ordering repeat medication, searching for various services and accessing any sites useful in managing their health condition / finances etc. 

I found the Learn My Way really easy to use, giving clear guidance on different topics including internet banking and security. It asks you to click your way through the tasks, giving the person confidence in using a mouse, touchscreen etc. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone who is interested in learning to use digital resources and need help to understand the basics, all they need is a device to use this with. 

I think libraries are starting to lend out devices to people so hopefully lack of finances will not be a barrier to the person. Also Learn My Way is free! You have to register to access most of the content, but they take you through registration step by step. I think this website is great for promoting the customer’s independence via digital literacy. They can take the initiative with managing their health condition / social circumstances from their home. It also saves me having to sit down with the customer on a one-to-one basis, to help them improve their digital literacy skills. Another bonus in our time-pressured work day! 

Just to note, I didn’t find the Barclays Digital Wheels as useful as Learn My Way, it was a bit too technical and complicated for me (talked about Bitcoin for example) and I think that at present, myself and my service will not benefit particularly from learning about this, as we do not use this technology. I also do not use this technology in my home life, well at the moment anyway! Hope you find this blog helpful, take care