Richard Gurney - Locality Team Manager, Leeds & York Partnership Foundation Trust

Here is my second blog. I decided to have a look at the internet security and keeping safe online topic. There were two reasons I picked this topic really. Firstly, I use my gadgets all the time, do all my banking online, talk to people all round the world and pretty much buy everything online but I’ve never done any formal training on internet security. I just try and use my common sense, so it seemed  like a good opportunity to brush up on my skills. The second reason I picked it was to see how the  information was shared. I think we have a lot of information to share in healthcare and in Occupational Therapy in particular. I’m always looking for new ways to help people access information and learn new skills. I’m also a great believer in borrowing ideas from people who’ve put the time and effort into developing a good idea or process.

As it turns out I am an internet security guru and had nothing to  learn! Only joking lol! Actually I found it quite interesting. Some of the information was just common sense stuff , like looking for the padlock in browser address bar to ensure a site is safe, however I then started to wonder how many times I actually do that? There was an example of a guy who was worried about buying a camera online and so went through a load of precautions before he bought it. He checked the price was reasonable, the site was secure, the dealer had good ratings, the picture matched the description and so on. He did this because he was anxious and I assume he eventually was happy with his fictional camera purchase. But I’m not anxious and generally I assume everything will be ok. I’m sure I’d spot something obviously wrong but I’m not sure I’d spot some of the warning signs the e-learning suggested. As the old saying says “ A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing”.  So I’m going to try and be more careful, realistically I doubt I’ll go to the extremes of caution that the guy in the example did but I’ll defo be a little more observant.

Thinking about how the information was shared I found I really liked the format. We use e-learning quite a lot at work for things like fire safety and infection control and in the past I’ve always found them difficult to focus on. I find myself idly clicking through pages and not really paying attention, then just having a bit of a guess at the quiz at the end. The “Learn my way” site used a nice format where the learning objectives were broken down into small parts and each presented on one page. You read  the headlines, there was a little example and a box with extra information and then moved further down the screen. When you reached the bottom there was a short recap and on you go to a new topic on a different page. It continued with the same formula throughout so you kind of got into a flow of information gathering. I had a look at some of the other courses they have on offer and think they could really help some of the team who struggle with some computer skills.

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