Read about our Digital Practitioner journey, and hear inspiring, heart warming and touching stories from citizens, health and care professionals.

Dl Definition

Digital Literacy & why it matters

University of Derby

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Digital Practitioner - Discovery Report

Read a summary of findings and recommendations from our Digital Practitioner discovery phase

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Digital Practitioner - Model development & Beta testing

Follow our story as we work deliver the Digital Practitioner model with 3 cohorts of health and care professional groups

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Digital Literacy - what's the story?

mHabitat's 'show & tell'

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Digital Practitioner - Intervention & Findings Report

Read a summary of our interventions and findings from our second project


Practitioner Blog Spot

Practitioners share learning and impact from their Digital Practitioner journey

Digital Leaders Cohort May17 Hero

Vanguard Digital Leaders

Follow our Vanguard Digital Leaders story as they work together with mHabitat and Cumbria University

Leadership Ws

Leadership Workshop - September storify

mHabitat's 'show & tell'

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Michael Seres - Using communication technology to receive better care

Michael Seres discusses his life experience growing up with Crohn's disease, and how improved communication technology helped him to receive better care.

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Martha Lane Fox talks digital inclusion

In this short clip, Martha Lane Fox talks about the worrying implications of the UKs growing division in digital skills and access.

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Alan and Barbara: A Get Online Week story

Hear how Alan and Barbara get on using digital, and how they connect to their community.

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Kent & Val learn how to Skype

A lovely story of two friends mastering Skype for the first time, so they can stay connected.

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Social Challenges, Digital Solutions

Hear heartwarming clips from citizens who have discovered digital and changed their lives for the better

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When digital solutions don't work

A nice reminder to be patient centred when considering assistive technology

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Molly Watts talks about how tech helps her condition

Mollys Watt, diagnosed with Usher Syndrom age 12 talks about her condition and how technology, especially her ReSound LiNX2 mart hearing aids help her maintain her independence and live an active life.

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Theresa and Wilson: A Get Online Week story

Theresa connects with her community and learns how to use the internet to benefit her and her son, Wilson

Nhse Tf

Widening Digital Participation

Tinder Foundation has been working with NHS England to help people use computers and the internet to take more control of their health and well-being.


RG Blog1 - Social Media for practitioners

Richard Gurney discusses his encounter with social media and how he might be using it in practice


RG Blog 2 - security & staying safe online

Richard Gurney talks about his learning, despite feeling quite confident to start with on security and online safety


VR Blog1 - Information Governance - consent

Vicky Rowett discusses why it's important for practitioners to be mindful about consent in patient interventions


AL Blog 1 - Digital Literacy skill boosters

Annabel Lea shares her first experience with the 2 learning packages used on Digital Practitioner


AL Blog 2 - Video calling and conferencing

Annabel Lea shares her thought on video calling and conferencing, and how this could be used with patients

Digital Practitioner Leaders

Dl Definition

Digital Literacy & why it matters

University of Derby