Supporting People to be safe online

In today's digital world, staying safe online can often be a concern.  

Here you can get to grips with the basics. 

The coloured quick reference cards provide a few top tips, this topic will be expanded on it the e-learning session.  

Policy Aware

As professionals, understanding organisational policy on internet security is essential.  All organisations have their own policies, which may differ slightly. Policies are generally held on your intranet, however, if you are unsure where to find local policy, check with your manager or IT department. 

Below are common policy areas

Accessing sites

Your browser searches are saved & can be viewed by your organisation and service provider. Inappropriate & adult material should not be accessed on work devices

Video & Audio

Download, viewing streaming video or audio for personal entertainment purposes is not permitted

Safety checks

Secure internet sites

Sites with HTTPS at the start of the name use special "code" between them to scramble the messages. This keeps your information safe from hackers, and makes it safe to shop online

Protect your computer

The best security software updates automatically to protect your computer. Use the manufacturer’s latest security patches to make regular updates and make sure that you have the software set to do routine scans

Staying safe online

Thinking about risks on personal information and security, this is a great course from 'Learn my Way' to get you started.  This is a trusted resource so feel free to recommend it to your patients

Learning Includes: 

  • Keeping your personal information secure online 
  • More about internet safety
  • Staying safe in your digital world