Social Media & Social Networking

Want to get your head around social media and social networking?

Globally, social media is impacting on the way healthcare is planned, delivered and discussed. In the UK, the whole healthcare sector is represented on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Every day, health and care staff, patients, and the public are discussing areas such as services, policy, and innovations in health and care.

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Policy Aware

As professionals, understanding organisational policy on the use of social media is essential.  All organisations have their own policies, which may differ slightly. Policies are generally held on your intranet, however, if you are unsure where to find local policy, check with your manager or IT department. 

Below are common policy areas

Information sharing

Posts on social media must not reveal confidential, sensitive or personal information about patients, staff or your organisation

Providing clinical advice

Social media accounts should not be used for providing clinical advice to individuals

Who's opinion?

Avoid expressing opinions in social media that purport to represent the views of the organisation. You can also add to your profile bio, 'views are my own', or similar

Sharing a snap

Don’t post photographs of people without their permission or use images without consent

Resource pack


For this activity you may be joining a new social media platform, or blogging about existing platform that you already use.  Either way, I highly recommend joining and exploring 'we communities' (link above).